• Null Modem Cable (female on both ends)
  • Serial Port or USB Serial adapter
  • The MAC Address of the card (pull the card and check the stickers)
  • A paperclip

Serial Steps

  1. Plug in the serial cable between the APC Unit and the Computer
  2. Set your terminal to 2400-8-N-1
  3. Power on the APC
  4. Hit the reset button with the paper clip
  5. Login with the default name apc and the password apc
  6. Make your changes; DONE

ARP Steps

  1. As root in a *nix based os, type: arp -s [ip address] [mac address]
  2. Telnet to the IP address.
  3. Login as apc with password apc.
  4. Proceed to configure the TCP/IP settings. Be sure to change the default admin username and password and the Device Manager Password.
  5. Upgrade the firmware.
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